onsdag 7 mars 2012


Min senaste hobby är att Hemnetpunda på "cheap hawaiian real estate". Det här huset har jag faktiskt råd att köpa om jag belånar lägenheten lite till. Bör jag slå till?

Mäklarens beskrivning:

This house CAN NOT BE COMPLETED, NOT LIVEABLE AND CANNOT BE OCCUPIED. You CANNOT GET A BUILDING PERMIT TO COMPLETE IT, AT THIS TIME, BECAUSE THE WATER DEPT HAS NOT ALLOWED ANYONE TO GET A PERMIT IN THIS SUBDIVISION SINCE 2005 FOR ANYTHING-including demolition and building permits! According to the Water Dept, the subdivision needs to put in a back flow regulator and other hydrant issues, but the BUILDING DEPT will be giving a fine, starting at $100/day the first month 6 months after ownership, then it will be $200/day the next month, etc. Inside is a shell with only the framework for the rooms.

Amerikaner, alltså.

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